not unless someone emerges as the team leader/go-to guy and the leading candidate has been out the last three games. If Cook is the only one who's gonna bring the cajones to each and every game, look for the Gauchos to get ousted in the 1st or 2nd round of the BWT....again. UOP and Utah St. are the tops of the BW and UCSB is not living up to its potential. Looking like another disappointing season. I wonder if we'll even make the NIT and finally get a win there the way we're playing. It's absolutely pathetic how uninspiring they are playing. Fullove has just lost it, he acts like he already graduated. Way to go out with a bang. I'm really losing interest in following this team as each and every game, they have a 5-15 minute letdown where they go scoreless and either relinquish a lead (LBSU, UCI, CSUN, etc.) or get blown outta the building because they didn't show up to play (UOP). Hey at least we are attempting to lead the league in one category, even if it is turnovers. Ahhh, turnovers. Something these guys are doing so well. This is proving to be extremely pathetic and I agree with other posters, that we have to start looking beyond the players and start holding Coach Williams and his staff responsible for the lack of focus and intensity and inability to adjust defenses, press, reign in the turnovers and stop having these scoring lapses. What has happened to the team that played at Pauley? I'm personally disgusted with the recent outings and am losing patience. Both teams coming to the dome this week are very capable of beating us and if a different attitude is not shown by the Gauchos, don't be surprised if we drop one, if not both of these. I hope not but not feeling so confident in these guys right now.:twocents