sbmachine wrote:
would be nice if they could build some stadiums with the track. SBCC stadium track definitely did it right.
 History of SBCC will show that UCSB (Santa Barbara College of UC or its State College predecessor) built the stadium, track, and football field that now is the home of SBCC. The track was red cinder (as older tracks were) and the football field was real grass, but the original stadium has not changed (i.e. no hand-rails, etc.)

I have the impression that the deterioration of the most recent UCSB track surface was caused by root invasions from the nearby Eucalyptus trees -- made worse as they went to the natural grass of the track infield which was a source of water.  The track was pretty old and needed resurfacing, but that would have wasted $$ since the roots would have continued to make the track uneven (and even dangerous to run on).

SBCC's track is open to public use, but has "gates" or bars that extend over the 3 inside lanes on each of the curves to reduce use by public of those lanes. Those gates/bars are folded back when the track is in use for competition. The public is urged to run in the outermost lanes.