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Without reading back in the thread, is the other away game known?  Given the Pitt game confirmation, I'd bet on Penn State being the other game on the same road trip.

Nope, our other game is two days later, Nov. 17, at Texas A&M. Full tourney schedule here:

I realize it's a scheduling thing, but strange that PSU and TAMU both host Legends Classic games vs. mid-majors a few days after the "championship round" in Brooklyn. So if the Nittany Lions win at the Barclays Center, then get upset by Oral Roberts at home, do the Golden Eagles claim the belt? ITh
The Pre-Season NIT used to have a true bracket, so a road team could still make it to the championship round in New York.  Nowadays, it's all pre-determined.  Wins on the road are purely for braggin' rights, and maybe some NCAA at-large talk in March.  The only rule is that from 1st game to last, it takes 2 weeks.  

So the Gauchos get 4 games, but it only counts as 2 vs. the 29 allowed games.  And, of course, we have the Hawai'i exemption as well.  Williams never figured out how to take advantage of the schedule to get the max games possible.  I'll bet Cajun' Joe knows how to pull it off, given his time at Arizona...the Wildcats play in an exempt tournament every season.
I very well know that these exempt tournaments protect the high-majors to assure them of TV games and playing in the big-boy NBA arenas. I was just making a quip about the quirk that has PSU and TAMU hosting Legends Classic games after the "marquee" championship round at Barclays (bummed there's no chance of seeing my Gauchos in BKLYN).