ECGaucho wrote:
dakyne62 wrote:

Gonzaga kinda went around that reality by playing "neutral" games, not on their homecourt, but in the general proximity of their home state (Washington).  The return game was also in a technically "neutral" court but closer to the opponent's home court.

We're a loooooooong way from this, but if we reached a certain level of success...not Gonzaga-good, but let's say SMC-good...I think it'd make sense for us to play a neutral site game every year in LA and one in NorCal.  Most of our alumni are in the Bay Area or LA-area.  I think big name schools would be interested in coming to CA and not have to play us in the TDome.

I'm picturing a doubleheader at the new SF Arena with Cal vs Big name team and UCSB vs Big name team.

Something to shoot for.


If the baseball team can host in Lake Elsinore, I dont see any reason why the basketball team cannot setup a yearly tournament with a few other programs in SoCal and Bay Area.  Someone shoot out an email to AD MC ?!?!