If there is anything I've learned with Bob Williams's teams it's there are no perfect times to play a team. If there is something I've learned from Pasternak it is be anything but conventional.

EC has pointed out that this year's schedule is pretty much set. Cool. Fine.

Pasternak I hope is not going to go soft the next upcoming seasons. I doubt he goes true body bag like Monsoon. But, I could see us having some nice opponents. What would really be cool is if he had a game at a place like CBB Arena in Ontario, with a big name, and draw the L.A. Gauchos. Probably have a better home court anyways. There are ways to be unconventional. Play some body bags and use the money to draw a decent opponent. You only need 1 win against a big opponent to carry the season.

Um, I'm a Gaucho in the after-life.