Bishop is the best entertainer & flat out hilarious, but Gaucho Joe was the best at firing up the crowd! Gaucho Joe did it on pure emotion and his timing was always precise, effective and appropriate. They are both irreplaceable for what they bring to the team. What is disturbing is the disrespectful attitude toward the die hards that we are seeing take place. They should be on the payroll, not threatened! The dude who took down that student at the Pepperdine game, needs his bell rung. UCSB is looking at an Assault & Battery claim big time if that happens again especially if no corrective action has been taken with their training since the last incident. For their sake, I hope security is a subcontracted service & that the University has the wisdom to be named as an additional insured on the jerks policy. If I were a basketball donor, I would demand changes. What happened to the days of the administration passing out candy & pizzas to the student section? Looks like I got off track a little bit but so has my school.