classof1989 wrote:
I am so fired up write now that I am checking the Loco website every couple of hours for updates.  I love every thing that JP is doing.  With passion and a vision it can happen!  JP is "all in" and recruits, fans and  administration will feed off of that, and it appears 2 legitimate players have bought in.

I believe the talent from our existing players will rise to the opportunity to at least achieve their potential and the new blood will transform the arena previously known as the Thunder Dome into something special once again.   When the dome is full and pumping, it is an addiction and students will not want to miss.  I am fired up because my kid will be a freshman their in about a year and I am hopeful she will get to experience the same atmosphere I did in the late 80's early 90's.

I think JP is the right person, at the right place, at the right time.   I think the coaches are all eager to prove themselves and their relationships developed over the years will support them.  They will not be out worked and it is going to be fun to watch this program rise.    "I believe that we will win"

Stayed tuned and enjoy the ride.

Agree!!  JP has now made us better for this upcoming season with the addition of MJ, an experienced leader.  We also took a huge jump in the right direction with the addition of super talented Ramsey who is extremely quick.  JP picked up a grad transfer, a talented transfer but has to sit a year.  Now, I am waiting to hear a few things.  In particular, I want to hear about an international linked/signed to us and hope, hope, hope we get a HS commit.  The HS commit might be the biggest hurdle for JP as they youngster want to join the power conferences.  If JP can close the deal with them, I think we are on our way to a bright future and sooner than later.