GauchoFreg wrote:
Good for him.  He got his degree from LB and will finish off his college career with  his undegrad and graduate degrees paid for while playing his last season for a higher level school on the rise.  

Good for him but what a shame for the Big West.

Basically LB's grand experiment has failed. They sacrificed themselves year after year for money that was then supposed to be put back into the program, creating a positive feedback loop. Body bag games >> more money >> better staff and more MBB funding >> ??? >> win big. Guess they could never figure out the ??? part.

It's sad to see, because the Big West needs LB and UCSB to step it up and push the ceiling higher each year. Hopefully one of these days both programs will be much improved and we'll see 200-300 noisy LB fans visit us in the TDome once per season.