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So good. 

College soccer is a nascent collegiate power program. Once can just look at the amount of available programming that points to increased interest in watching high level professional soccer.  The US is, of course, has not become a global soccer power and so interest in MLS and US College Soccer is still limited. Still, it's extremely cool that our school is hosting a 2nd and 3rd national championship as soccer is really blossoming. If we do this right, we can possibly become part of a regular rotation of warm weather schools that host the Cup (a la San Diego and the SuperBowl).  

IMO, the attention garnered will only help us in other areas of athletics including fundraising.

Go Gauchos!!

San Diego and the Superbowl is a bad analogy Charlie, last one was in 2003 and it will be a very long time until it returns, if ever.

Signed, bummed out (ex) Charger fan.

Sorry to rub salt in that wound. I hope we can find common ground.  Signed - Raider Fan.  And, I think Las Vegas will make the Raiders into a circus team. 

Damn, what a couple of sad sack sports fans we are!