JP and AC Louis Reynaud are reportedly after several (3?) HS players, several graduate transfers and several international players.

Okay.  We got Marcus Jackson which leaves us with a minimum of 1-2 more scholarship for next year depending on how things go with our bigs and their focus on studying.  I remember drip talking about 1 or more guys who might not return. 

As JP is targeting serveral grad transfers plus international players, I wonder who these might be?  I would be okay with another grad transfer but I would prefer a good HS kid for the long future or an international that can step right in as well since we picked up Marcus Jackson.  Recently, LB and Poly landed one international kid each.  I would love to get surprised with an under radar international kid. 

As for HS seniors, the only HS senior that has received an offer is Myles Johnson but there are a few others that can help us too. 

JP got one and now we wait to hear about others!!