MBDave wrote:

Today Patton reported on Pasternack's early actions as coach.  He is trying to fill two further AC positions and has spoken with Howland about how to proceed as HC.  He's met with each player to speak about MBB program expectations and procedures for player use of the weight room, study hall and academics, and how the team will play on the court.  He's also held two workouts with the players.  From this JP says "there is talent there", in part focusing on Lakajou, and Canty who JP reports has a lot of potential providing he takes care of business on and off the court.  JP reports Gabe Vincent is pushing his rehab., that he has high hopes Gabe will be available to play in the fall, and that he takes 100 FTs a day.  There was no mention of Felix White.

JP and AC Louis Reynaud are reportedly after several (3?) HS players, several graduate transfers and several international players.  One recruit is visiting this weekend, which ties in with the twit indicating Marcus Jackson would visit.  UCSB interest in Myles Johnson, Riley Battin and others mentioned in other threads were repeated by Patton, though JP could not name names.

Aside from prepping for this weekend visit by a recruit, JP has the wife and kids in town this weekend to sort out their local housing.

In short, there isn't a whole lot of anything new, other than the suggestion that Gabe might be back to play this coming fall and that Lakoju and Canty might both be back, and that recruiting for this spring is focusing on as many as 9 players. 

I seem to recall one of our regular posters speculating that Vincent could return from an ACL injury this fall.