GauchoBlueNGold wrote:
Looks like our other new staff member is John Seavey who will be our video coordinator.  I like this title just because it brings us up to date with what the big time schools are doing.  John was a student manager at UofA.  A lot of new stat and video technology is out there that I'm not sure Bob capitalized on.  Not sure they even watched much film like Pimm's assistants of Howland, Castagna, Ray Lopes etc.  Seems like a job our own Mr. Stat man GauchoDan would flourish in.  Not sure if JP has another coach lined up or is gonna keep a smaller staff and the last two young hires do double duty.  
I could definitely see our multi-talented GauchoDan on a basketball staff doing statistical analysis. Plus, he can sing the National Anthem like a pro, perform CPR and single handedly change light bulbs. Gaucho Dan is the most versatile man in the world! 

Let's get him on staff!