Gottabea Gaucho wrote:
I think the most interesting conversations will be between Monson and his bosses, where he tries to explain why he shouldn't be replaced by some random dude in a bar.  This kind of exodus... name some coaches who have ever survived such a thing?

Would Bibbins be able to play for us right away, if he's graduating and was able to get in, was interested, all of that?

I know of two recent examples close to the exodus at LB.  Rex Walters was recently dismissed at USF.  I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did.

Barry Hinson at SIU had mass defections a couple years ago--he's hanging on, but the tide may be turning on him as well, despite a recent extension.  Jordan Caroline at Nevada was one of those defections.  UCSB fans got a close up of him at last season's Vegas tournament.  He's built like a truck, which isn't surprising as his dad was an all pro in the NFL.

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