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BTW, I think GauchoBlueNGold understates the number of times Williams went after players that ultimately went to high majors.  I'm thinking of guys like Mike Roll, who became a Bruin after giving a verbal to UCSB.  Our best players under BW were those BW identified for their potential who turned out well, e.g. Chris Devine and Alan Williams.  So, while it may be exciting to see so many 3 and 4 star players amongst JP's objectives, I'll believe it when I see it, and I hope he also pursues some 2 stars with potential.  Hey, maybe JP's Arizona pedigree confers basketball gravitas on him and pull with high school recruits BW lacked.  But, I fear that the Big West pedigree and lack of TV coverage could extend to both JP's and BW's efforts.  Fingers crossed.

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JP has already offered Myles Johnson and we have a good shot at this 3 star player.  We also offered Kyle Owens, his first offer and he is listed as a high 2 star right now.  JP has so many connections that I dont think we will have to worry too much if we miss out on the 4 star recruits.  All the Pac-12 teams and high majors offer these kids and they only can pick 1 team.  Most are going to miss so who cares if we also miss on them.  However, if we can reel in one top player, then the game changes.

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Charlie and GauchoSoul make some good points.  Recruiting is a high volume process, both in quality and quantity.  You have to "overbook" and hope to have a problem of having too many recruits wanting to come to your program.  I wish I would have applied this process during my dating years.  lol

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