MBDave wrote:

BTW, I think GauchoBlueNGold understates the number of times Williams went after players that ultimately went to high majors.  I'm thinking of guys like Mike Roll, who became a Bruin after giving a verbal to UCSB.  

Dave, don't worry so much. 

It's telling that the first high major type recruit that comes to mind for you is from over 10 years ago.  I think we pretty much gave up on offering 3 (mostly) and 4 star recruits. Bob was going with a primarily with a strategy of trying to find a diamond in the rough, under-recruited players a la Alan Williams, Michael Bryson.  He did try and get some high profile transfers .. we know what happened with Mickey Mitchell (not his fault) and Hornbuckle (injuries). I'm not faulting Bob, as that was fairly successful .. but the last few years appear to have been pretty lean.

JP is using the cache he has built up with some of these high major recruits while at Arizona .. it would be CRAZY not to expend that immediately.  He has also targeted some players of the 2 star variety so I don't think he is taking an all or nothing approach.