GauchoBlueNGold wrote:
Ivy Drip wrote:
When's he gonna offer Lonzo Ball's brothers? ... I know they've both verballed to UCLA, but hey -- nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Come on Ivy you gotta love the confidence of this guy.  I never remember Bob offering these caliber type players scholarships out of high school.  I know you're still bitter over Bob being gone but would you rather have  JP rely on these shitty shooters you've been complaining about all along?
Nah, I'm all for this seriously ... Hence, my shoot for the moon post ... I'm not bitter that Bob's tenure is over, just with the way it was handled ... He was not a 6-22 type of coach, he gave us some great moments, and I think some posters here (I'm looking at you Sean) take for granted how difficult it is to go to the NCAA Tournament and win a game. There's so much money at stake that schools are investing millions compared to our thousands.

But I digress ... I'm excited to see him going mano a mano in recruiting with UCLA and Stanford and even Arizona. Now if one of those kids pick us over those three schools, we should have Joe P. knighted or something.

I do hope he's got backup recruits in case, upset upon upset, these kids go for UCLA or Stanford or Arizona. I'm guessing he does.