Fan4life wrote:
I stalk this board daily and don't often comment. I really enjoy reading the gossip. I know Gabe very well. He is a player with aspirations of playing pro. He spends every summer training with top pro trainers and pro athletes in Sacramento. The solid performance we see in games is due to his even harder training in the off season. What's best for him is to not just take enough time to heal but also take the time to catch up on training. A red shirt season would allow him to come back for one more year and be in peak form. If he comes back next season and underperforms his chance at a professional career in the US or over seas is over. I can't speak to what his decision is going to be, but we should not expect a 20 year old athlete to sacrifice his future for a college team. Let's focus on what's good for these young men and not just for the university and fans.