GauchoFreg wrote:
Monson is at it again, with four players transferring out.  This according to posts from LB message boarders.
Roshon Prince is a grad transfer so that is understandable but the other three are just not happy there.
It is amazing how much turmoil that program has had.  They were the early off-season favorite but that may no longer be the case.
Transferring out:
Roshon Prince, F.  Grad transfer
Noah Blackwell, G.  Sophomore
Loren Jackson, G.  Freshman
Evan Payne, G.  Junior.  Played just one season after transferring from LMU.

As for UCSB possible interest, Payne and Blackwell shot better than any of our guards last year.  But we need immediate help. 
Wow, that's a lot of their talent. Will be interesting to see if Monson can reload. I'm not too excited about a guy on his 3rd school but Payne is pretty good, as is Blackwell.