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AlwaysAGaucho wrote:Nothing official from Cal yet, but this is shocking news.  He wasn't even the top assistant; Tracy Webster was that.  This may have repercussions on our search as it relates to Pasternack, who had interest in the Cal job.  

It is being reported in ESPN and I will go ahead an update the list.  This works out great for UCSB as we are the best program west of the Mississippi with an opening.
Also, Cal and Oklahoma State both hired from within today instead of poaching a mid-major coach, a bit surprising.  That also reduces our competition. 
Only 17 schools with an opening left.  If I were to give them a quick ranking, we're probably now in the top third in terms of attractiveness.

We should get the candidate within our budget that we want.


The fact that Pasternak is getting passed up for these jobs is pretty interesting ... He's known for being extremely volatile ... Russell Turner's sideline antics at UC Irvine may have cost him this job (again), as well. It's not good for the resume when you act like a prick in front of thousands

Yeah I hope we get someone who is as respectful as Bob.  Nothing is worse than having a coach who bitches and moans all game long, I'm talking about Turner and even Callero and Theus to a lesser extent.  It is embarrassing to see a grown man be a bitch.

You can see how our players act when they get bad calls, they don't complain but let the coaches complain and talk to the refs.  That is one reason why I can't watch the NBA anymore.  All these guys acting like babies.