MBDave wrote:
Interest and commitment to UCSB, short of retaining BW? Is McCurcheon going to consult with Shaver about the choice of successor? Are they to flatly refuse a release from his NLI? Without coaching staff in place, I just understand the comment, we could have done more to keep Shaver.
Shaver is no longer interested in UCSB, nor should he be -- he now rates waaaay above our pay grade. He will probably be named as Arizona's Mr. Basketball. He  averaged nearly 22 points for the state championship team while shooting 52 percent from 3... Seriously, he has his choice of schools now, and we're talking the biggest of the bigs.

This is an incredibly terrible loss for us, comparable to losing an Orlando Johnson or an Alan Williams. But when Bob was shown the door, it opened the door for Shaver to go somewhere bigger and better. If Bob had been retained, Shaver would have been obligated to us for next season.

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