MBDave wrote:

This line up assumes Davis and Hogland still want us, sans Williams.  I infer that Drip predicts Canty, Lakoju and White all flunk out or are not renewed.  I only hope their futures are clear after winter grades issue.  The next coach will have the same difficulty as Williams would have had, trying to figure out which posts might  be eligible, and of those which he wants to risk his career on by counting on them.  I guess the new coach may not have the same sense of obligation to try in some measure to help a kid he recruited.  But then, I wonder how much Williams regrets recruiting these guys or is steamed at their academic problems/lack of application. 

Hey, anyone got any idea what Stock, and the other assistants are planning?  Might one of them be held over like Howland was when Pimm arrived?

My completely uninformed bet is that Lakoju returns.

I think Hogland is a (preferred) walk-on so I doubt he leaves.  As for Davis, if what Drip is spilling is right then he wont have many other options.  Hope Vincent recovers and plays his final year here and hope a few of the bigs improve their studying habits.